A Bristol city tale of two weddings

Meet Sara & Giovanni, two playful people totally in love and totally smitten.

The Swiss mathematicians met at university and 1 plus 1 made 2 (couldn’t help myself). They’re a couple that just crack each other up, constantly telling jokes, playing around and laughing and it really is infectious. The first time I met them I was in stitches and I knew they big day would be just as fun!

Now living in Bristol, they wanted to tie the knot with a low-key do in the city they love before they headed off to Switzerland to do the big wedding Swiss style.

I joined them for a few hours to celebrate their first special moment. You can feel the fun in these photos, I love looking back through them!

This is Sara & Giovanni.

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Danny is a professional, serious, flexible photographer; at the same time friendly, funny, creative and open-minded. The photos of our bristol city wedding are incredible - expressive, emotional, original, but at the same time they maintain the elegance and conventionality of a wedding :) Danny was simply perfect, we couldn’t have imagined anything better!



This bristol city wedding was brought to you by…

Bride and groom portraits – Bristol Castle Park
That stairs photo – M-Shed
Wedding ceremony – Bristol registry office
Photos by Bristol wedding photographer Danny T

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