Happy New Year everyone, hope you had a great tick over!

With 2016 now over and new commitments made for 2017 I thought I’d take a moment to look back and reflect on my very favourite moments of 2016 and the amazing couples, suppliers and amazing people and places I’ve had the honour to shoot.

So here’s my picks for 2016 – bring on next year!

I’ll kick off the post with a nod to the wonderful suppliers that make weddings happen. It takes a lot of people to make wedding days and when they all come together, amazing things happen.

So my first photo is actually a preview of a shoot I did for Lace and Grace in Keynsham. They make stunning wedding dresses and one of theirs features in a photo later on. Here’s a shot of their beautiful shop, stay tuned for the complete gallery coming soon.

Lace and Grace, wedding suppliers of wedding dresses

Next is one of my favourites from 2016, Sara & Giovanni’s Bristol city wedding, featuring the two of them at the M-Shed. After their marriage at the Bristol Registry Office we went for a stroll down the river and we grabbed this one on the stairs of the truly unique museum.

It’s actually a remake of a shot I took a couple of years back during my project 365 (which didn’t have people in). I loved the angle and knew it would make for a great photo, i’m so pleased it came out and with an amazing couple featured!

A bride and groom wedding couple hug on a flight of stairs in the M-Shed for their Bristol city wedding. The bride is looking up at the camera and surrounded for a red and black spiral staircase. Taken by Bristol wedding photographer Danny T

My next are two shots of Hanneke, taken at the same time with two different approaches. I love these because not only does she look amazing in them, they show off two ways to use the same light for a totally different effect.

In these the light is really low – a gorgeous autumn light that you only get that time of year, orange, soft and just great to work with.

The first shot is a normal exposure but shooting into the sun, using a dark background to prevent a blown out backdrop (stay tuned to my photography tips for more on that). The second is the same again but with the exposure taken right down for a silhouette, and you can see the lovely rim light the suns creating. Two styles, one light source, two great photos – love it 🙂

a bride shows a beautiful smile in her unique pink wedding gowns at her themed wedding. she stands in orange sunset light outside wedding reception at dundry hall, bristol. wedding day picturesby bristol wedding photographer danny t
a beautiful bride stands in front of the sun for a silhouette after her themed wedding day at wedding reception dundry hall, bristol. taken by bristol wedding photographer danny t

The next one’s of Sam & Vikki on their elegant wedding day. I just love this one and really didn’t it coming. We went on a stroll from the Square Club around the block and I’d found a nice red tree in the park the day before. I knew something could be made of it but didn’t know what, so we tried it out.

I was expecting a landscape with them in the path and the tree overhead, but this turned out as a portrait with them nestled amongst the tree leaves. Love them together, love the look, totally a 2016 favourite.

kiss images of a bride and groom wedding portraits featuring the bride in wedding dresses from lace and grace keynsham. the groom kisses the bride on the forehead behind trees and autumn leaves, by danny t bristol wedding photographer

On the subject of Sam & Vikki, here’s Vikki getting ready before her big moment. I saw the light coming in from the skylight and mirror on the wall and just had to do something with it. Love her reflection in the mirror and the drama of the light, another favourite!

a bride does her bridal makeup in the mirror while she prepares for her elegant wedding ceremony in bristol. the bride is wearing a floral gown, wedding photography by danny t

Next is Hanneke and Duncan, side by side at the Bristol Market. Just adore this one, it’s made it to my homepage and it’s really unique, LOVE it. What I also love is how it was shot. We’d been around the market for a little while, quickly stopping from place to place to get the shots I’d lined up. We were just about to leave and I saw the window of the shop and thought ‘that would be a good shot’.

With time getting on I very nearly didn’t take this. I stopped and starting going again, stopped again and thought – ‘you know what, it’s worth trying’. Hanneke and Duncan were kind of enough to give it a go and less than a minute later it was done. Well worth it and a good reminder for myself to not doubt myself and keep trying new opportunities.

a bride and groom stand side by side at st nicks market bristol for their themed wedding in front of a shoe repair shop. the bride wears a pink bridal gown and the groom has wedding suits featuring an orchid. wedding pics by bristol wedding photographer danny t wedding photographer

My favourites wouldn’t be complete with these few from Ciaran and Katrina’s country wedding which was the sunniest, warmest, most gorgeous day you could hope for. Some photographers will say bright sun is hard to work with – not me, I love it! It creates so much warmth and drama, I was thrilled when that came through in the photos for some truly magical moments.

And after all those couples here’s some of my favourite details. What you don’t see behind these shots is how long it takes to make them. On wedding days you’ll often see me prodding a set of shoes / rings / favours half a centimetre here and there to make these shots – its not easy making something look perfect!

wedding ideas -a brides  wedding shoes and hip flask placed ona  steel box before her elegant wedding in bristol. The shoes are gold and the flask has a white cover with wedding dresses on, by danny t bristol wedding photographer
a photo of wedding rings and wedding bands at a country wedding. the bride's diamond ring is set inside the groom's platinum ring on a red and purple leaf showing the veins of the plant. wedding photos by danny t
wedding rings and wedding bands set on a red tile background with pink riboon, wedding ideas for your wedding ceremony by danny t bristol wedding photographer
wedding table decorations and wedding ideas featuring the guests names carved in wood. taken at the bristol square club by  bristol wedding photographer danny t

Well… that ‘s it! It’s hard to choose favourites and there’s plenty more, check out my stories for more.

WHAT a year, so many amazing moments and people and thank you to everyone for making my year so special, I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings 🙂

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