With Alfie getting into a normal routine, we decided to take him for a day out at Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park.

It’s a cute little park in Keynsham with loads for kids to do, from riding miniature trains to a petting zoo and even racing pigs! (although I think that’s more for the adults). And yes, sadly I said RACING and not RIDING – if anyone invents a pig riding park, put it on Kickstarter, I’m in.

I only took one lens with me, my beautiful 85mm 1.8 prime lens – (relatively) cheap at £450, so sharp and so gorgeous.

As any parent will tell you, just getting a baby out of the house is a major task, requiring serious planning and quick changes in between feeds.

It was really cold so we wrapped Alfie in millions of layers, sporting his rather fetching bear suit as supplied by his grandma. When he’s wrapped in so many layers he’s really easy to move around – normally he’s like a wiggly jellyfish but in his snowsuit he’s basically a starfish; much easier to pick up and cuddle!

We seemed to be the only people there, or at least the only people crazy enough to be there, one of the two. It was nice having the whole place to ourselves though, so first stop, the miniature train (who wouldn’t?).

Sarah and alfie

Here’s us living it large on the train. This videos shot with Hyperlapse, a really cool free app that lets you record a video then play it back in a high speed time lapse. It’s really fun and definitely worth checking out.

After the train ride it was time for the obligatory couple shot and face-on-the-body-of-an-elf-riding-a-pig shot (you know the one).

Then it was off to the petting zoo. I was attempting to vend some goat food from the dispenser but the goats weren’t having any of it and decided to maul me instead. Here’s a photo of one of my assailants, kept in in case you recognise it. If you do, CALL THE POLICE.

Last stop was the animal enclosures and this shots of a fox called Rusty that’s been rescued and in rehabilitation. I love animals but foxes have always had a particular place in my heart – any wild animal that can make it in a humans world gets credit from me.

I don’t like seeing animals in cages of course, but I’ve seen so many foxes in the wild and they often don’t look good. Their coats are often ruined with mange or they’re really skinny, so to see a healthy one was really nice. I wish him luck when he’s re-released – go get those bins Rusty! (just stay away from ours, not because I mind, because they’re full of nappys and cat litter).

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