Yesterday I was thrilled to see one of images making it to the front page of Modeling website Purpleport!


I’ve been using the site for a while to find amazing models for wedding and beauty shoots all over the UK.

This shoot featured the stunning Kelly Wolf Rogers, a Bristol based model with a huge range of images from beauty to bizarre. It’s a real treat to see her portfolio so check her out and if you’re a photographer give her a call, she’s great to work with. 

For this shoot we went out to the woods around Bristol with a group of photographers from Reflex Camera Club. 

I took this one at late morning using all natural light and a single reflector pointed at her face to bring some light back. 

The shawl is actually a scarf on its side doubled over – a quick fix but something I really loved as it matched the rest of her outfit so perfectly. It’s also got a great texture to it so we draped around her face to really accentuate it and the wintery look. 

It’s often tempting to overthink modeling shoots but it really is that easy to create a great look. Just look for colours and textures that work together and get that all important eye contact – the rest creates itself 🙂

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