Happy Christmas everyone!

I’m going to be kicking off the New Year with a weekly blog on all things photography. Each week I’ll be sharing my thoughts, ideas, advice on making the most out of your photography. I’m really interested in what you think, what your challenges are and how I can help! 

Today I’d like to talk about a challenge many photographers have and that’s balancing the technical versus the result and how to get that image you have in your head, if it’s even possible. When you’re out there shooting, how do you keep the end vision in mind while having to deal with all the challenges you’ll face – bad light, bad weather, camera limitations and technical questions. 

There’s a few ways people react. Some go internal, becoming wrapped in the camera, looking at the preview, wondering why it’s not the result they wanted and playing with the camera to fix it. Others might go external, forever trying to fix light, environment, position, framing etc.

For me, what the pros do is they adapt and stay in the moment. It’s about capturing the essence of the concept, not necessarily the perfect result – or that amazing shot on 500px that you’ve done everything to recreate but somehow it doesn’t look the same. I don’t think I’ve ever done a shoot where the photo has come out exactly as I had in my head and I’ve learned to expect that. What I’m going for is something I’m proud of within the limitations I’m working to.

When I’m shooting portraits for weddings I’m working to tight timescales – 45 minutes total with people that aren’t experienced models, they’re just people. So what I try and do is create show the connection between them and tell that in the photo. If I feel the photo conveys that then that’s a great photo. If I can get them in a great scene and great light that’s even better, and believe that gets easier the more you do it.

What I mean from all this is don’t beat yourself up. Look to improve but don’t look for perfection. If you improve every time, perfection will find itself. Oh and don’t forget to look back on how you used to shoot, you’d be amazed on how much progress you’re making 🙂

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