Despite all the planning there’s always something that gets forgotten on wedding days, and I pride myself on being there to support brides when it does.

Over the years I’ve taken notes on the most commonly overlooked details so nothing gets forgotten! Here’s my comprehensive list so you know you’ve got everything covered!

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The beginning

  • If all your flowers are coming to you, you’ll need someone to deliver the corsages to your groom and groomsmen
  • You’ll also need someone to drop off the flowers for the ceremony. A dad is always good for this one as they’ll be seeing you in the morning and arriving at the ceremony early.
  • Your car should arrive on time, if it doesn’t, check in early with the driver to make sure everything’s on track
  • It’ll take a lot longer to get your dress on than you. Keep an eye on timings so you’re not late!
  • Some dresses have a loop for hanging trains off. It’s really handy for getting around so ask your dress supplier if you have one
  • Always check the bottom of your bouquets are dry before picking them up to avoid water on your dress!
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The ceremony

  • In some civil and religious ceremonies you may be asked to confirm that you are of sound mind with the registrar before you begin. It’s for your protection so don’t be put off
  • Some religious ceremonies don’t allow photography at specific stages so bear that in mind for when your photos come back
  • When you’re heading up the aisle, you walk on your fathers left side. It’s also good to decide on a starting foot with him too so you’re in sync
  • During the ceremony it’s good to ask your bridesmaids to stand to the side rather than directly behind you so your guests can all see you

Danny T Bristol wedding photographer

After the ceremony

  • Some establishments don’t allow confetti, others only natural confetti (i.e. real petals). Do check ahead of time – if only natural’s allowed, it’s wise to provide confetti for your guests
  • Confetti works best when thrown up and not at – that way it floats down beautifully!
  • Your family formals will likely start now so make sure the best man and photographer have a list of shots you’re wanting as they’ll need to round up the guests
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Danny T Bristol wedding photographer

The reception

  • Now you’re at the reception you’ll need to get around with your dress easily. Pick up the train and drape it over your forearm half way along. That’ll keep it off the floor and easy to walk with
  • When you arrive at your reception go straight to your reception room so you can see how amazing it looks before the guests get to it
  • If you’re planning a receiving line be aware that they can take some time to do and plan ahead. For example, if you’re saying hi to every guest for 30 seconds and there’s 120 guests, that’s 60 minutes of greeting
  • A tip for the grooms here – when cutting the cake, press the point through the cake, then push the knife down. It’s more stable that way
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Danny T Bristol wedding photographer

The first dance and disco

  • If you’re planning something special for your first dance let the photographer know ahead of time so they can get ready for the big moment
  • Most bands will offer to play your first dance song themselves or via a hi-fi. If they do, provide them with the details early so they can arrange that for you
  • If you have a long train you may want to consider an evening dress to properly party in

That’s it!

I hope this list helps! Got anything to add? Leave a comment below.

Kevin & Rebecca's seaside wedding in Whitstable

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